I am available for a limited number of consulting hours each week. If you are looking to create a landing page, web app, or mobile app that is thoughtful, functional, and beautiful, I can help. I am also able to create any design assets that you might need, including logos, decks, charts, business cards, or pamphlets. I work primarily in React and React Native for web development. With experience founding startups and working in venture capital, I am also available for strategy consulting for startups.

Additionally, I am available to consult for mental health professionals who want to create or improve their web strategy. A successful practice depends on being able to bring in high-quality clients, and a strong web presence is the best way to do that. Having worked with over a hundred professionals for my startup, I can help you stand out better than anyone else. I can consult on strategy, design and build your practice's website, or create any other marketing materials (such as business cards).

Offers (rates are negotiable):
design$150/ hour
development$200/ hour
strategy$100/ hour
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Continue scrolling for some examples of my recent work.

NeuralinkI created a concept for a new Neuralink app.
RolodexMockup for a new version of the app
Rolodex ChatbotChatbot for the new version of my CRM.
CiceroConcepts for our website
MaisieConcepts for our website
SatochiMobile Designs for crypto portfolio app.